This Labor Day holiday is a good time to recognize the VIPs of every EMS organization – the dispatch staff, the EMTs and paramedics, and your essential billing team. Look at what they face and how much they do.

Dispatch Personnel

The call center has become the “special forces” of any EMS organization. They need to know the dispatch software, dispatch protocols and the status of any vehicle and crew at any given time. They manage facility callers occasionally employing unique customer service skills. Patients call and must be soothed. They also must understand levels of services, modes of transport, contract issues and those all-important regulations. There is little quiet or peace in a call center, so the job requires patience and the ability to roll with the punches. Kudos to those who do this job well!

EMTs & Paramedics

Whether handling emergencies or providing elderly support in non-emergencies, these members of the team are the heart and soul of the ambulance company. The pain, sorrow and human angst they see, where they must climb or go to do their jobs, the weather they face, the food they forget to eat and the low-level coffee they are willing to drink all attest to their spirit and commitment. On top of that, they face documentation requirements, regulatory issues, risk concerns and ongoing updates in healthcare that get thrown at them constantly. Theirs is not an easy life, but thankfully many of them still find it very rewarding.


Contrary to what some say, there are no flying monkeys in the billing department. This unattractive view of billing personnel adds to an already difficult job. Billing personnel really care if the organization has the money it needs to operate. It’s important to them that patients don’t get pursued unnecessarily. They often have to call or email repeatedly to get problems resolved; as a result, billers take pride in getting a claim finally reimbursed by Medicare or Medicaid after many attempts. Billers need to understand the intricacies of software, keep up-to-date with coding and regulations and maintain knowledge of payer standards. They manage the phone that never stops ringing and they do it with compassion. They have to try to make sense of trips reports during frequent interruptions. EMS billers are the epitome of multi-taskers. Tough as it is, so many of them love what they do and keep trying their best.

All three groups – dispatch, field providers and billing – are the VIPs of modern EMS. If anybody earned a holiday off, it’s these folks. Lucky for us, many of them will keep working right through the holiday weekend. We can all sleep easier because they do!

Have a great holiday weekend!

About the author:  Maggie Adams is the president of EMS Financial Services, with over 20 years’ experience in the ambulance industry as a business owner and reimbursement and compliance consultant. Known for a practical approach and winning presentation style, Maggie has worked with medical transportation providers and billing companies of all kinds to support their billing, auditing, and documentation training efforts. Check out our newest documentation training webinars and billing webinars on our website.Friend EMS Financial on Facebook, or for more info, contact Maggie directly at or visit